– What is “The Lusoniversalist”?

“The Lusoniversalist” is a blog dedicated to Portugal and to the world, in a patriotic and internationalist strand. I’m portuguese without being nationalistic and I am a citizen of the world.


– Why the name of “Lusoniversalist”?

In the search for a name to show the ideals of the blog, I invented this which explains as follows: the word “lusoniversalist” is divided into two parts (luso and universalist) in that luso is referring to the Lusitanian people that was one of the people that lived in the former territory of Lusitania and that occupied a large part of the current national territory and which also became another way of styling the portuguese people and universal means the world in all its immensity physics, natural and rational. With this word I think portraying my duality of a person impregnated in the interest for the country but at the same time concerned by the problems of the world and the new challenges of our time.


– What are the goals of this blog?

At national level: 1-Fight pessimism 2-Show that Portugal is a country with a future 3-Fight against corruption, bureaucracy and cronyism 4-Show the best of Portugal to the world 5-Fight at end social inequalities 6-Encourage a more participatory democracy At the international level: 1-Fight for peace and tolerance 2-Fight against all forms of extremism 3-Campaigning for the defence of human rights 4-To support democratic movements 5-Fight for more equal economic level 6-Encourage the protection of the environment


– Is there any relationship between this blog and the old blog “Moescor-Hope and Courage”?

Yes there is. “Moescor-Hope and Courage” was the blog that preceded the “The Lusoniversalist” and to which this come to replace. Was born in April 2010 and lasted until June 2015 with 882 articles and 182,664 visits. This change was done in 2 parts: 1st the name and 2nd change of platform. Unfortunately, while making this passage I lost all previous visits, so in the current blog are only recorded the visits from June 2015.