The good sense of a brave girl against religious hipocrisy!

What is the problem of she being lesbian? When will religion stop trying to control lifes and personal choices? When religious leaders with conservative religious people will stop of replace God and try to impose their own moral to the rest of the world? If all religions are peace and love why is precisely between believers that we see more rejection and hate of those who are not like the conventional? How many time we will continue to see this hipocrisy?

In fact all religions but principally the monotheistic ones are a source of problems because they considerer “sacred writings” to be inspired directly of God, when the reality is they are the human morals testimony of a dissapeared era. If those times don’t exist anymore why there are so many people that continue to believe in their morals?

This young girl that had choose to speak at the church of one of the most conservatives religions and ferocious  enemy of LGBT community, had gave one of the most wonderful examples of courage and proved to be more wise than those people like the one that asked her to shut up and leave the stage!


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