The lost opportunity of Trump.

     Human nature is not perfect as we know and one of the consequences is unfortunately the hypocrisy that rules the international politics and geopolitics. I’m saying this because of what I call the lost opportunity of Donald Trump. Trump is from the beginning os his term a very contested president and one of the causes for that was a presidential campaign where immigrants and principally muslims people were apparently constantly attacked. This idea was very quickly shared in all world and the them US presidential candidate was perceived as a xenophobic and racist person. But more recently Trump had begun to use a more friendly treatment of muslim people searching to tranquilize those who were to see him as a enemy of islam. In fact in my point of vue I didn’t saw  Trump with truly opinions against muslims but mainly as using a speech of fear against muslims to get votes in a usual populist way of do politics like Hitler used jews to get the same result. Attention that I’m not comparing Trump to Hitler in their ideologies but only in the way to do a political campaign. Anyway I saw and I hoped that Trump would face the islamic terrorist problem with realism and courage instead of the hypocrisy that dominate the western world. Trump would show were was the real problem and fight it with the determination that didn’t exist in a very mistaken societal opinion about muslim world. But I was disappointed when I saw Trump following the usual US external politics making millionaire commercial deals in weapons to Saudi Arabia, one of the mainly sponsor of international terrorism. But in fact what expect of a business man? I saw and see that as a lost opportunity to change things on international relations between western world, principally USA and muslim world. In the confrontation between sunni Saudi Arabia and chia Iran, US choose the first one forgetting that both countries have a very long and important story of sponsoring terrorism as political and religious reasons. How democratic countries can have economical and political relations with others controlled by radical ideologies in all contrary to our way of life? Because sadly business is more important than human rights, principally when the others negotiators have something most valuable for our development like petrol. When Trump go to Saudi Arabia to ask them to enter in the war against terrorism is making a speech to the empty space because the main goal of saudis is not to defeat terrorism but defeat Iran. 

     The speech of the north american president in Saudi Arabia was one of the more normal, since he begin his presidency but that was the problem. By repeating always the same words of other leaders without searching to understand the really causes of the terrorist problem, Trump risks very probably that everything remain as always and terrorism will continue. Maybe the only solutions will be when the muslim world it self, begin to change their ideas on their society and religion or when ecological ideology replace definitely the necessity of petrol. 

      To finish, Trump promised to help their arabian allies in the war against terrorism but also said that these countries should help better and more in that war, saying also that arabian people should have the right to life as they wanted and the choose the future they wished. But how to be free in a prison disguised in a country? How to choose in a theological radical society? How people can be free, if those who govern deny that freedom? 


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