A divided or a united Europe?


Source: facebook’s page:  “Stand Up For Europe”


     Europe nowadays look a little with the Europe of the 30’s in the last century. In a time of crisis, populist false solutions always become more successful and people seems to see them as the only way to achieve progress and end with social and economic problems. This is not surprising as populist leaders and parties are mainly worried by power and the way to arrive there is the only goal assumed by them. Because of this they use and abuse of a easy language that touch the heart of people, giving apparently easy and great solutions for what they see (or many times imagine) to be the greatest problems. But in reality populism simply purpose quickly and simple ideas that can be susceptible to please people but in fact are far from reality and  are not solid in long terms. It’s like sweep under the carpet. And populism and extremism are very connected. Whether is from right-wing or left-wing. Unfortunately, Europe is nowadays threatened by both extremisms. Of course the danger is not so big as in the 30’s but is real and there’s seems not to be a good sense in this old continent where people are searching for impossible miracles instead of observe the reality of the present time, looking at same time to preview the future. These are dangerous times as populists are seizing the lack of a serious vision by democratic politicians on some problems. Instead of dive courageously at them, many politicians continue to react with old ideas and answers and that is one of the reasons why extremists are rising. Other reason is many years of disdain toward the people. Even they are elected by the citizens, politicians seems to forget that and live in a closed world where corruption and unethical interests seems to live together with a masquerade of democracy. The problem is as politicians are more and more corrupt, they help extremists to rise giving a democratic false idea of these ones. And this is a threat as people can possible see no democratic politicians as the only and only democratic political class. Instead of a weak democracy we can have no democracy at all. 

      Because of this, extremist threat is a urgent problem to be solved and is important to ask what kind of Europe do we want, now and in the future. Do we want a no democratic Europe, divided by primitive nationalisms, by social communities with a great possibility of strikes and street protests between extremists and between these against security forces, with censorship and absolute power State control without possibility of opposition or do we want a united and democratic Europe with a serious vision of the problems that affect it in a way to stop a possible new rise of extremists in the future? This because if democracy survives these times but continue to see things in a old way, very probably extremists will be in a popular mood again. The warning give by these dangerous times is the only positive thing let by extremists. Europe can and must learn of the past errors that lead to this present time and try not to repeat them. Well, human nature is not perfect but don’t do nothing is a very big risk. 

    It’s very improbable to happens but if whatever communists or fascists controlled Europe, that would mean the beginning of the end as they support a nationalistic Europe with each country turned to itself. They support the end of a common project that since the end of the world war two, continues to bring peace and stability to european people. In this matter both extremisms are equal but not only. Where would be the liberty of expression? It would be banned by fascists and communists. Where would be the security of people? It would be a fantasy as security forces like army and police would have as main objective, the defense of central political power. What would happen to youth people? They would be dominated and indoctrinated in spartan organizations without possibility of have their own thoughts. Both extremists left and right wings already showed in the past what they do when arrive to power. Do we want all that again?

    The better solution to Europe is a reformed European Union. A Europe full of nationalisms is a big mistake. I’m not saying that countries must end, but without a union between them, it’s impossible to Europe to survive. Each european country alone is not powerful enough to influence world politics, not even the strongest ones. Sometimes countries will have problems to find common subjects and disagreements will appear. This is normal because human nature but in the end union must prevail. Europe achieved something that others continents are far from imagining and that is a great step to peace. Let’s not fall in the fantasy of extremists and try to solve problems with realism even if that means to take hard decisions. It’s better to be unpopular now with solutions that will solve problems now and for the future than be popular now with false ideas that will not bring nothing than sorrow and misery. 


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