Nahed Mattar, murdered by the blindness of religion!



The assassination of the jordanian writer Nahed Hattar is one more example of how urgently the arab world needs a political and social change that allow it to escape from the tyranny of the religion. In fact why Hattar was murdered? Not only because a crazy radical islamist had shoot at him but also because the jordanian law and the government allowed that happens by not being on the side of liberty and democracy but on the side of darkness and blind intolerance. In fact the prime-minister ordered his arrest inciting a hateful reaction against him and this because in Jordan blasphemy is forbidden. But blasphemy against who, when the cartoon that caused the arrest and judgement of Nahed Hattar is not a critic against God but a denunciation of how ISIS see it and how see paradise?! This remind me those who say it’s not right to destroy by any means the ISIS flag because it has written the Islam’s statement of faith. And yet some of them criticize the terrorist organization. It is not ironic? How it’s possible to be against a criminal group and at same time support their symbols? Maybe because of the abusive power and influence that religion has in the arab society. And that was also the problem of the Hattar’s assassination. He was not arrested and judge by a ISIS court but by a State’s court.




And that makes a great difference. In fact while the countries constitutions of most part of muslim world continuing to be based on Sharia and/or not allow liberty to express against religion, they will play the game of ISIS and others islamic terrorist groups.

Free of expression is a undeniable right of mankind and allow to denounce and criticize everything including religion and violence based on it. If people can’t do this because it’s supposedly a sin then the arab world will never be truly democratic. Islam, like others religions, was founded in another era when things where different and because of that  should not be used as basis to the legislation of a country. Nahed Mattar died victim of the religious blindness that cover the eyes of people making him support the insupportable because of it. In the case of Jordan, this was not the first jihadist attack and that show perhaps the fear of the king and the government to hold against terrorist groups, preferring instead to give more space to religion in a populist attitude that brings nothing more than violence and violence provokes hate and intolerance and that must be not allowed. Unfortunately Mattar was fighting against it but he was accused of blasphemy. It is not a irony? nahed-hattar-assassinated-outside-jordan-supreme-court


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