The vicious circle of Israel-Palestine conflict.



There are a Portuguese proverb that say sometimes a image worth thousand words. The meaning is that an image can explain better a situation than a text. Well this image that I’ve found on Internet about the Israel-Palestine conflict is a very good confirmation of that proverb. In fact one of the main causes of this conflict is this stupid vicious circle sustained by both parts, even when they seems to be interested in peace talks. The circle as no beginning and end. It can be started on the Palestinian side or in the Israelite side. Let’s see it from the Palestinian side. For the Palestinians, Israel is making a war against them, this war provoke victims and this tragic situation make Palestinians hate Israel which led some of them into the roads of terrorism. Now let’s see the circle from the Israel side. For the Israelites, Palestine want them to be expelled and so they support terrorist groups with the aim of causing death on Israel. This terrorism provoke victims and this lamentable situation make many Israelites hate Palestine which led them to war. What is stupid in this circle is that both parts are so interiorized in their thoughts that they don’t even stop to see the other part. Is like someone running around a tree without stoping because he don’t know he don’t need to run forever. In both cases they need to be warned that is useless to continue. Unfortunately this blindness aroused by years and years of intolerance, hate ideology and ignorance its increasing and the result will continue to occupy the news of the world. The question is, who will have the courage of break it? And most important who will be the first one to realize the importance of that act to peace between these two peoples?


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