Orlando and two major fascist problems behind it.

The tragedy of Orlando was a consequence of 2 major problems that show very well the contradictions of human nature.
The first one is the liberty of buy and possess arms in the United States. So many was already written about that and is always unbelievable how after so many massacres and violence, there’s still people that support that so absurd “right” of possessing a gun, influenced by the fascist lobby of NRA. The killer had easily access to guns as he was training to become a police but he had already been under investigation by FBI because of conexions with Islamist terrorists and nothing was done. How is this possible? That easy access is due to a poor law not very restrictive that allow even dangerous people of possessing guns. The question that is always made in these moments is, how many people will still die before the freedom of having guns ends once for all? That absurdity also show how incomplete is democracy. It is the best political system that are but as everything in the world is not perfect and because of that there are people that falls in the temptation of thinking that a totalitarian regime is the best solution. In fact inside the North American democracy there are the totalitarism of lobbies pro-arms that have a great power and don’t allow the country of live a true democratic system. Democracy not means the right of doing or use everything we want. In a good democracy, respect for the life of others is one main characteristic and so how the use of weapons can be a good example of democracy? By the way as a reaction, the republican candidate Donald Trump insisted in the expulsion of Muslims from USA but not a single word about free use of weapons. Another way of hide a problem with a populist and false solution.
But and talking about Muslims, now is time of the second problem. Let’s hope that one day they face reality as they must do, because is easy to separate of any responsibility by saying that acts like the one happened in Orlando have nothing to do with religion but that is simply a way of escaping from the hard task of see things as they are and not as desired to be. Of course not all Muslims think on the same way and there are those that are trying to give a new vision of their religion but so many it’s still necessary to do when many examples of a dangerous popular intolerance come from the Muslim world against the LGBT community. When gays are thrown from roofs of high buildings to the floor by Islamists and apparently normal people cheers with the vision of death innocent victims, when apparently normal people attacks and pursuit gay people in Morocco, when some Islamic countries have in their constitution death penalty for gays and lesbians or when a religious TV channel in Tunisia make propaganda for the elimination of LGBT people and when I see the Muslim world reacting to all that by refusing to see the true problem I’m wondering if that people is not creating a big problem with the world but principally with themselves! Is not enough to say that Islam is a religion of peace and at same time intolerance against gays and lesbians be highly accepted. And we all know why this happens. The always influence of fascist religion and a literal interpretation of it. While people continuing to believe that is acceptable to kill gays and lesbians because it’s written in the sacred book, society can’t advance and enter in a new era. Unfortunately those who try to reform religion and society in the Muslim world are many times killed or threatened by radical and not so radical persons. The Muslim world will be in modern time, concerning human rights, when I see great mob concentrations in it against criminalization of LBTG. But don’t seem to be close of reality.


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