6 June 1944: a day to be remembered now, more than ever!


In the 6 June 1944, thousands of allied soldiers invaded Normandy in the north of France, in what would be the first day of the D-Day operation. This would mark the beginning of the liberation of western Europe from nazi totalitarian regime and would be a very important step for the end of the II World War.
When I think in the sacrifice made by all those young soldiers (many of them only arrived at 18) to give again democracy and peace to Europe and destroy the evil of inhuman nazi regime and when I see the old continent today, I ask myself if all those who lost their lives and the best years of their youth couldn’t be more respected. In fact more than ever, this day should be commemorated and remembered because is a shame the road that Europe is taking after all destruction that a same road has lead in the past. Europe should have conscience that the two worst wars in history took place mainly their and thousands of soldiers and civilians fought and many of them died to give a democratic future to all of us. So trough history, Europe as crossed many centuries of wars and instability but now and never as before it is traversing the biggest peace time of always and there will be very sad and dangerous if the sacrifice made by D-Day soldiers and others be destroyed by raising populist fascism in Europe nowadays.


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