What is happening with Europe?

I already wrote about the populist danger in Europe many times, but I feel I must continue to do it as I see this continent is slowly drowning in a so evident threat and yet apparently invisible so many people. Europe is being controlled on one side by populists of far-right and far-left and on other side by politicians more interested on the elections results, with fear to take the necessary decisions and face those populist politics. The situation is not good at all. Europe, continent where human rights wore born, perhaps the most free in the world is now forgetting its story made of advances and retreats that have build it and allowed that millions of citizens of different societies, live together. Advances like for example social improvements (like fighting for equality) or artistic and scientific discoveries (Einstein, Picasso, Da Vinci, Mozart, etc) but also of retreats like years of sacrifices and wars (many times useless ones). And yet all those good and bad things formed the essence of our continent, the good things for all what they taught us and gave to our development at all levels and the bad things for the warnings they gave and still give us. Warnings that are always in the air like a threat of being repeated. Europe is perhaps the continent more hit by wars in the history of humanity and maybe that’s why europeans are tired of them. That is what I think and perhaps that impression is wrong but I don’t see in the majority of europeans will to fight. So if Europe want peace, why people is supporting violent movements that feed themselves with hate and disrespect for other peoples? Maybe because populism is very good in lying, taking some problems for apparently resolve them. For populists, solutions are always easy and stability and progress are only a question of time. Let’s see the actuality. Two major problems originated the rise of populist parties: the economical crisis and the refugees/immigrants crisis. What they propose to solve these problems? For the first, the end of the euro and the EU and return to national currencies and return of frontiers. For the second, interdiction of entry for all refugees and immigrants and in some cases, expulsion of foreigner populations. Let’s be really, how is possible to believe these propositions can solve anything? About finish with EU is joking with one of the more important conquests of Europe. As I said before, many sacrifices have been made during the european history but the result is here: a unified europe made of old rivalries and full of energy to face the world. How those nationalists can think their countries can survive in the present world? How not to be proud of this union while in other continents there still are wars and conflicts? Nationalism was never the solution for anything. Even in Europe look at the eastern side where in some countries the exaggerated nationalism is taking advantage for bring only problems and nothing good. About the EURO, economics never was my speciality but I think the new currency had facilitate our lives in a considerable way and also because of it commerce improved much more between EU countries as sell and buy become less expensive. Of course all is not perfect and errors have been committed during the story of the UE but after all advances and retreats that lead us to a Europe with peace, will we really wish go back to those times of darkness where freedom was a dream?
But the main problem it seems to be those muslim immigrants and refugees that come to spread terrorism and islamism. Europe can’t accept those invaders as we have nothing in common. What hypocrisy. We that invaded and annihilated different civilizations are now complaining of suffering the same destiny. We that created human rights are now refusing them to foreigners persons. Is this not a shame? I think it is. Those nationalists and racists are destroying what made Europe and that is its diversity. In fact is not a question of politics but of humanism. How people can be against the arrival of families that lost everything in stupid wars, that try to escape from the same terrorism that is see as a threat brought by those same families and that many of their members die in the way to a possible salvation? Is there no humanity in those people that constantly scream for a incomprehensible white superiority? These people is creating new frontiers, new divisions between classes, communities, races and principally between those who support human basic rights and those who not recognize them or only do it for some groups.
Of course there are differences between muslims and europeans as they are from a different culture and yet that culture has some similitudes with us and had give us so much. Off course we all are against terrorism but how stop refugees will finish with that so big menace? Is nothing more than absurdity that will not solve anything. Off course Europe must be alert against those jihadists that want to spread radical islam in Europe but that’s not a reason to treat muslims in a so negative way. We must not permit that radical Imams talk freely about their intentions or that muslims pray in the street but if Europe want to defend its values,it must begin by spread them and not the hate that is occupying all our society. Europe is under control of fear spread by fake ideas that only purpose is turning people against muslim refugees and immigrants. This fear is based on the probability of see the european civilization destroyed by islamists but is this reasonable? Where is the real danger for Europe? In refugees that only want to escape from the horror of war or in fascist groups that ideological are so dangerous as the islamic terrorists? In fact these ones are slowly destroying the european spirit more quickly than terrorists will ever do.
Unfortunately things seems to go on the bad way as the recent accord Europe-Turkey on refugees/immigrants seems to show. What is the difference between those fascist regimes that in the II world war delivered jews to the nazi Germany and the actual democratic countries that let syrians and iraqis to the islamo-fascist regime of Erdogan? None and that is a big problem for the future of Europe. But is not all as the stupidity of populism seems to be spreading into the United States as is possible to see with Donald Trump. For the sake of humanity let’s hope he never become president!


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