Donald trump, the others republican candidates and the threat to the american democracy.

Nowadays the mass media is being invaded by the strange phenomena called Donald Trump. If in 2008, the world were suspended by the hope Barack Obama, now is fearing the threatening probability of see Trump be elected US president. Is not the first time he enter in the US presidential elections, but is the first time that apparently he has opportunities of win. Never before, (at least since I remember) populism was so popular in the United States, and that is very dangerous as US still is a superpower. Do you imagine the USA under the leadership of Donald Trump? A country with a massive nuclear power? Well I’m not saying that trump will easily make use of nuclear weapons, in fact I don’t believe it, but he can use them on other way, for example in is populist rhetoric, creating with that a chain reaction that can negatively change the international relations. He is not politic but as populist he knows how to use the distrust of people against some minorities and turn it in his favor and that is very common in dictators. For example, Hitler used jews and communists as the main causers of the situation in Germany at the time, Salazar and Franco have treated communists as culprits of all evil and Erdogan is pointing the finger at his opponents as enemies of Turkey. The apparently solution for leaders like these ones consist in creating fake problems or using true problems to rise in popularity. As unable to find true solutions, they use peoples and/or minorities as levers to help them in the way to the power. In Donald Trump that is very notorious in the way he use a muscular speech against mexicans and muslims and in the way he order to expel those he don’t like from his meetings. With this continuous accusation and insult, he also knows to profit on the discontent of the people because populists only rise to power if conditions are ready like the beginning of a social and economic crisis for example.
The fact that a man like Donald Trump is close of being nominated as the republican candidate to the US presidential election show how moral and ethically poor actual society is and how republican party is facing dangerous moments to his life as all tree candidates are dangerous ultra-conservators influenced by religion. This represents a low level in american democracy and at same time a threat to the world. If we remember the way how Bush Walker administration deal with geopolitics, we surely have more reasons to fear a presidential administration by Trump, Rubio or Cruz as all these candidates are supported by radical religious movements that see themselves with the obligation of spread the word of God in the world. Is very similar with jihadists movements isn’t it? This give tranquility? I don’t think so! I think never before the republican party got down in a so deep level and that is not safe for the existence of democracy in the United States. Personally I still believe Trump will give up when considerer his publicity mission as done, but are there a alternative on the republican camp? In reality no, as all them are populists and dangerous to the world equilibrium. But that not means a easy victory to the democratic side. Elections can be always a surprise, even bad as the popularity of Trump at this moment.
Donald Trump is really the symbol of a people’s lack of interest in politics and only that allowed him to arrive at this moment as favorite of the republican nomination. Until November many things will happen but the democratic world must not forget that he represents a populist, reactionary, racist and xenophobe far-right personality. If I write this is not for some kind of sympathy to the democratic party but to make people think about the consequences to the world if Trump and even Cruz and Rubio win the elections. As americans, they will really wish to destroy their democracy and transform their country into a little country?


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