Yitzhak Rabin – Twenty years after his assassination.


An Arab man weeps before a portrait of Yitzhak Rabin on November 6, 1995 in Jerusalem, shortly before the funeral of the murdered Israeli leader (AFP Photo / Manoocher Deghati)

It was one night of november 1995. in that night I was with my mother seeing TV when suddenly a special news report interrupted the regular emission. Yitzhak Rabin had been wounded in a peaceful demonstration by a young man. Some time later, another special report informed the world about his death and that his murderer was a extremist jew. I was shocked by that assassination that I knew would have negative consequences in the peace process. The shock was as big as only one year before he received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres.

This year 20 years passed on that day where not only a man was murdered but also all peace process. In this case is sadly ironical that he was precisely assassinated in a reunion in support of peace in the Middle-East. Now, in 2015 it’s easy to see that the peace process is sleeping waiting for better days because actually some leaders are not interested in it. Twenty years later the situation is much worst and Israel is more far from security and Palestine more far from being a independent State. Some people say that Rabin was a murderer and had no problem in use violence against palestinians. That is true but it’s important not forget that he had the courage to change and accept that things couldn’t not continue like they were. That’s why I admire him as I admire Arafat by the same reason. Both understood that violence was not the good path for peace and something should be done to change that path. They choose to start a new one, made of negotiations and mutual respect and recognition. Unfortunately nothing of that is happening now. Instead of Rabin, there are Netanyhau that is continually provoking palestinian people  and using violence without reason, helped by a government with far-right elements. Instead of Arafat, there are Hamas that is constantly calling for revenge and use of violence against Israelis. Only Mahmoud Abbas seems to continue with the spirit of Rabin and Arafat, making everything to hold the peace process alive and at same time supporting the palestinian cause. But the situation is very bad and that’s why the Rabin’s death was a tragedy. That’s also why I have choose that photo so symbolical to me. To see a arab man sad with the death of the israeli prime-minister it’s in my opinion to see a man that is presenting a bad future because he’s seeing the end of a time of hope and the arrival of a nightmare.

I always believe that peace is possible between Israel and Palestine and I’m sure that it will happen one day but for now it will not happen. At least, while things not change on leadership of Israel and Gaza strip.


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