Despite bomb blasts in Ankara, turkish people will not give up of peace and stability!


Photo: Burhan Ozbilici/ AP

They were there for a peace rally and they were victims of a insane terrorist act. About 100 persons payed with their lives the wish of see peace in Turkey but Turkey seems more and more closer of chaos. That it’s what happens when the leader of a country don’t respect the democracy and slowly try to impose his leadership without listening minorities and opposition. Maybe he’s not directly responsible of what happened saturday in Ankara but the situation created by him helped a lot for that tragic event.

In fact the situation in Turkey is as confusing as dangerous since the actual president arrived to power. By feeding a nationalist-islamist transformation of the society and a consequent discrimination of kurdish population, he contributed for a division and more separatism between the communities that form the turkish society. Also and because the ISIL is fighting the kurds, Turkey helped (at least indirectly) this terrorist organization the major part of the time, despite being NATO’s member. Only at few time ago decided to give authorization to US for the use of military bases on his territory. This politics displease the US because kurds are a important force against jihadists of ISIL. So actually turkish society is divided between nationalists and/or islamists that want the Islamization of the society  controlled by a one man leadership that is trying to, slowly, turn away Turkey to the arab world instead of the western world and a leftist society many times united with kurdish political forces that is trying that Turkey don’t abandon the Kemal Ataturk heritage. This kind of game between turkish leadership, kurds and ISIL is important to understand what happened saturday.

Was not the first time that a kurdish/leftist rally for peace was attacked by the use of bombs and is interesting to see that some indices show a probable intromission of the turkish government in those attacks. A possible lack of security from the turkish forces during the rally, the clashes apparently provoked by those same forces after the explosions and the fact they tried to stop ambulances from arrive to the local where these attacks happened are enough signs to think that maybe ISIL is not the only responsible as the turkish government already accused. On other hand this government is being accused by kurdish political forces to be guilty of this barbarian acts. The political situation in Turkey led me to think that turkish government is the mainly responsible of what happened saturday or at least is using that for self advantage as the confusing situation can be used by the president to increase is power and restraint more and more the democracy and political liberties. Of course as human I’m I can be wrong but all instability that is happening in Turkey is a strong sign to believe that the radicalization of the country is very dangerous not only for the country itself but for the all region.

Photo: Umit Bektas/Reuters

Photo: Umit Bektas/Reuters

Yesterday I see that in Turkey a huge protest was made for peace and democracy against violence. Has activist for democracy and liberty was with great joy that I reacted to this manifestation. And that is because by seeing this I thought that maybe the opposition to the turkish president is bigger than he real thinks. So turkish society is hopefully believing that is possible the return of democracy and stability to the country as is evident that Turkey is in this moment dominated by a dictatorship. Let’s hope that the president listen the voice of the reason and instead of kill the dream of Kemal Ataturk, try to improve it dream by for example erasing is imperfections like the relations between turks and kurds.

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