The Earth or the blue dot.

This week I saw an excellent documentary by Christopher Riley, called: “Voyager: The final frontier.” In the end I decided I had to share it and that for two reasons. In a time where conflicts and violence seems to grow again in the world and so we have been seeing the worst of humanity, this movie show us the two most important and successful human made machines. Evidence that the same mankind who  are capable of kill, invade and destroy it’s also capable of doing machines that goes beyond the solar system and still works. As for the second reason, in the end of the movie the astrophysicist Carl Sagan call the Earth “the blue dot”. Why? Because our planet is a tiny dot in the immensity of the universe and that is something we shouldn’t forget, principally when we live times like nowadays where many people seems to chose the path of division, mistrust and hate of others societies. We live in a very little house to spend our time destroying the evolution of mankind!


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