Turkey: In or out?

800px-EU_and_Turkey_Locator_Map Since always I was in favor of Turkey become EU member. Despite the problems around human rights, my thought was that it was better to have this country closer to Europe and the western world than turned to the middle east. Like this maybe one day it could be possible to have a democratic system even more developed and on other side, knowing the geographical situation of the country, it would be always important to maintain it as ally.

Turkey was and still is always a bridge and a frontier between western and eastern worlds. Bridge because 2 different worlds coexist in it thru the time and frontier because at same time these 2 worlds live divided by important differences that don’t allow a completely harmonious coexistence. On one hand a society pro-western, more liberal, more laic, more democratic and with more concern for human rights; on the other hand a society more conservative, still guided by a religious interpretation of the law and less democratic. SInce 1923 with Kemal Ataturk, Turkey is officially a laic and democratic country and so the society pro-western world dominated the life of the country, even that the pro-easterners always existed and influenced the country. But while the first ones dominated the political power, Europe never worried a lot, thinking maybe that Turkey would be always under her sphere of influence. Even criticizing Turkey because of human rights, european leaders thought that it would continue always a ally. That’s also why Europe always delayed the entry of that country in the EU. In a great geopolitical error, some europeans countries never accepted Turkey as a possible full member of EU, considering that it’s a country with a different society that nothing has to do with our society. Pure chauvinism that slowly separated Europe from Turkey and helped raise the islamists to power. Turkish people wanted to be like european people, but while Europe abandoned them, a new populist and anti-democratic power raised to the leadership of the country.

What are the consequences of all this? For Europe, the risk of lose a important ally, not only political but military and societal. For Turkey, the risk of fall under radical islamist influence. Let’s look what is happening now. Turkey never was a great democratic country. Many problems principally against kurds provoked the feeling of a people searching for a developed basis on human rights but at same time with old sins that prevented the success of that quest. But now the situation is dramatically and hypocritically worsened. As all people know, Turkey for many time didn’t allow the entrance of kurds and syrians refugees on his territory but at same time many jihadist fighters crossed the turkish territory to fight with Daesh terrorists. This despite insistent requests from NATO to Turkey help refugees and fight the Islamic State. Finally when Turkey army decided to attack, they not only attacked IS but also kurdish people who are the biggest enemies of IS. And with all this hypocrisy and no respect for human rights is important to ask  if Turkey still deserves to enter in the EU and why NATO and USA still supports the islamist tyranny.

Thinking on a radical chauvinist way I would say that Turkey should be treated as enemy but the consequences of a radicalization are always bad and so is important let a open door for  a new democratic Turkey in Europe. That’s why the negotiations for this country become EU member must be suspended but not stopped. As for the american support, is also a kind of hypocrisy and should be treated differently. As the most power democratic country in the world, USA should be more hard with turkish leaders about the way they treat kurdish people. It’s a shame that NATO has as a member a country that constantly rejects the rights of a people.

We need Turkey and Turkey need us but we must stop thinking that different societies have incompatible differences and they must abandon islamist leadership together with radical nationalism, entering in a true democratic process that really make the dream of Kemal Ataturk a reality. Without democracy it’s impossible to Turkey to be completely on western side.


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