Cecil and Ali Saad: 2 victims of human extremism!

   150727-cecil-lion        Cecil, the lion of Zimbabwe. (Bryan orford/YouTube)62036471990100640360no

Extremist behavior is always bizarre and incomprehensible. Is also exclusive of human being. Irrational animals with their limited intelligence and developed instinct can’t take actions that go against their basic needs. Principally on killing. Animals only kill to eat or in defense, never by hate. Only men can kill by stupidity and extremism is in one of the highest levels on human irrational behavior. When someone become extremist, looses his or her humanity. Is always a human being but not human. Is disconnected from reality, is selfish, is lost, think always on a perspective of hate, violence and conflict and their opinion is always the final truth. And so, maybe is pertinent to ask: Can the exclusive human characteristic of rational thinking that made us superiors from the rest of living beings, transform us at same time in as equal as them? Look at two recent cases. The killing of the lion Cecil and the killing of the palestinian baby Ali Saad Dawabsheh. In both, one thing in common, the extremism. The extremism of superiority, of hate and above all, rational blindness. Cecil was killed in a brutal and inhuman way by a arrogant man for who animals are trophies and nature exist only to amuse man. Ali Saad was killed by a group of criminals that don’t accept a people with a different culture to live in a harmonious neighboring. Both were victims of behaviors that they never could have. Cecil for being a lion and Ali Saad for being a baby. Meanwhile the arrogance continues to feed the radicalism. Let’s so, feed the world with peace, tolerance and justice!


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