Nemtsov march’s tribute! (Russian people is not sleeping)

(AP Photo/Denis Tyrin)
(AAP Image/NewZulu/Andrey Borodulin)
     Two days ago thousands of people reunited in the streets of Moscow to give tribute to the opposition  leader Boris Nemtsov, murdered the day before, next to the Kremlin. For the opponents of the Putin’s regime this was a evidence of unhappiness with what is happening in Russia, for the defenders it was a evidence on how democracy is real in this country. In my opinion I think russian people is not sleeping, despite all nationalist propaganda made by the regime against the internal and external opposition. That surprised me a little because since Putin arrived to power, the all system is controlled by him and so russian people is systematically indoctrinated to believe that opponents to the regime and the western world are responsible of all bad that exists in the country. But has this march showed, it seems that propaganda is not achieving complete success and people is very doubtful on what leaders are or not are doing. 
      Believe that this is a image of a democratic country is forget that for example the government didn’t permitted the entry of ukrainian flags at this same march and so is more correct to believe in a existence of a no-democratic power that try to control all parts of russian society. By the way is very hard not to believe in a hand of the government in the assassination of Nemtsov and others opponents murdered before. I’m not saying that russian regime is guilty of these crimes and like any other crime is important to wait for conclusions but all signs guide to that conclusion. And even russian regime is not directly implicated on this crime, all nationalist propaganda made against the opposition has very probably influenced the one that had shoot against Nemtsov. So, there are few doubts on the moral responsibility of Putin and his government. Is almost certainly that this case will finish like others before. It will never be solved or it will be arrested the shooter or shooters but never the main responsible. 
      But for now what is important is the fact that the russian people is not sleeping and the regime is not 100% secure!


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