Nigeria – Baga or the rejection of tolerance from Boko Haram.

Baga, Nigeria (AFP Photo)
     In the beginning of this month the world witnessed one more example of radical inhumanity in the Baga massacre by the terrorist group Boko Haram. This nigerian city was destroyed by the wild blindness of this group that is spreading terror not only in Nigeria but now also in neighbor countries. Boko Haram is a islamic jihadist group that is following the hardest and ruthless variation of islam and so for them there’s no humanity, because humanity must be under the religious human made law. This law that teach children to kill or send them as human bombs, this law that treats women as slaves, this law that kills homosexuals and lesbians because they are apparently against nature, this law that sell women as slaves, this law that terrorizes village people as happened in Baga. For Boko Haram and others groups the only possible and desirable future is a return to the past, to the time of the prophet. But would the prophet approve all those acts made by the jihadist groups? I don’t think so and even if we known that the prophet used of violence in spreading his religion, is important not forget that in those times violence was commonly used by every leaders, whatever religion they had. There were not human rights. If we want to make a comparison it would be like as if now in Europe, christian radical terrorist groups would start to spread terror with the objective of make the old continent return to the middle age and religious wars. But fortunately there was a historical period known as age of enlightenment that marked the beginning of the end of religious influence on politics; and is that, that is lacking to the muslim society. It exists but in a very tiny way, almost invisible. By the way, is sad that western mass media don’t show this tolerant and modern image of islam so often as they show the jihadist terrorism. 
    Meanwhile and returning to the Boko Haram massacre, the nigerian government refused to recognize  it and instead said that nothing happened. So weird is this human nature that try to hide evil facts only to give a more acceptable image of their own. The violence of Boko Haram is arriving to the top limit and international community must answer in a strong way. Daily, the world is seeing horrible stories and this must stop forever. The problem is that I fear we are seeing a new Rwanda. Massacres and other kind of extremely violent attacks that will be stopped when it will be very late. I hope that I’m wrong and a important and quickly answer would be welcome by those habitants that are suffering from Boko Haram’s violence. .

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