Peshawar school attack: A tragic consequence of the religious violence!


      I start this article by saying that I’m feel a little consternated. That’s because it is about the Peshawar school massacre and I’m writing a few days after it’s happening. However and even knowing that maybe now, not many people will read this text, because many things have already be written about that attack, I decided to give my opinion and a analysis of that horrible tragedy. First of all, is for me one of the most dangerous and inhuman attacks I already saw in my life. This time, the talibans achieved the highest degree of violence and contempt for human life. All terrorist attacks are unacceptable but when we all know that this time 132 children died in a total of 145 mortal victims, we can ask how this is possible. How human beings can use violence on a so cold way to kill innocent children only for revenge? Together with the amazing violence showed it’s also a sign of despair and complete blindness of a group completely submerged on a vision of life that refuses to see life! Unfortunately talibans and others like them continue to terrorize many muslim countries. Their goal is to install the Sharia, even if is necessary to use violence, what they do usually. They form a kind of religious tyrannical regime where the women are the principal victims. The problem is that to fight them and make their ideals disappear is not enough the army. In fact the talibans exist always because religion has a great influence in the Pakistan society. Even those who are against the talibans, can support some ideals that these ones are also in favor. Two examples: the worrying case of Asia Bibi condemned to death for blasphemy and the fact that the majority of the pakistan population don’t want Malala Yousafzai as a future president or prime-minister of the country. These two examples show how conservative is the pakistani society, how hard is to change mentalities and why the talibans still exist. If religion were less predominant and society more free, the talibans would have much more difficulty to survive. So, it’s bizarre to say this but the society is also a little guilty of what happened in Peshawar. People, must probably don’t even note this because for them, the fact that religion has a important legislative role is normal but what they don’t also see is that talibans equally use religion as a code of laws and in both ways of see the Law there are some things in common like for example the depreciation of women. So is not worthy to fight taliban terrorism if society continue to think like that. Is as if in the II World War Europe would fight nazis and the majority of german population supported them. It would be much more harder to allies to defeat the nazi movement.
   As I always say religion must be separated from politics. Religion must be a personal choice and even  it can give some teachings for life, should not be used as a guide to legislate an entire country. Principally  with laws that don’t give space to humanity and equality. So for me the first step to defeat talibans is people understand that domination of religion on society is only useful to them. But can this be possible? When I think about this I always remember a television reportage that I saw once in where was showed some people saying that even they were against taliban Imans they would not deliver them to justice because for them they were the guides of Allah and his prophet on earth. After this, I thought to myself, how is possible to have peace in that part of the world?
    I finnish saying that all my condolences and thoughts are going to all those that lost their family members, specially children and that as I keep in my memory this sad event I keep also the hope of one day see people in some countries completely free without fear and without being always under threat from terrorist groups.

PS: Another 2 more observations. I liked the solidarity of indians to their neighbors. Pakistan and India have some known problems between them and that’s why is beautiful to see this image of peace and care. Finally, the pakistani government decided to reintroduce the death penalty for terrorist attacks. I think this it would not lead to a positive result and only will provoke even more anger in talibans.


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