Veena Malik, victim of intolerant laws!

     Veena Malik is a well-known pakistani actress that was sentenced this last friday to 26 years on prison. Her husband, the director of a TV channel and the host of a TV show were each one condemned with the same sentence. Their crime? They didn’t killed no one, not even steal. The hugh sentence was because Veena Malik and her husband reproduced their wedding in a TV show with at same time a religious song about the wedding of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter being played. The sentence was so because of blasphemy. That’s because of stories like this, that I think religion must be separated from politics and justice. I don’t think Veena, her husband all those that entered in the show wanted to mock on the Prophet’s daughter and so I think this sentence is far exaggerated. 

      People say that religion is peace and freedom but sentences by blasphemy are more an image of tyranny because like in a dictatorial political regime the justice refuse everything that can be a deviation of the official power, what ever that power can be, religious or political. So if religion is peace, why there are this laws with so much intolerance? And why they are so quickly used even when there’s nothing that can’t really be called a blasphemy on what happened in this TV show? Like in a dictatorial regime and his laws, religious laws can be used to intimidate people and so there’s no real freedom in countries where justice is under religion like Iran or Pakistan. Each religion can have some indications that can be used in life as a guide to a tolerant and better understanding of the world but I don’t think is well done to use a entire religious book (what ever it is) as a Constitution. The law must evolve and be together with the change of time and use laws based on very ancient books is nothing to do with the time we are living now. I only hope that this sentence will be annulated because is not deserved. 

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