#Notinmyname – Muslims against ISIS.

      Ok, I’m agnostic and so I don’t believe in any religion but I also believe that peace and understanding between communities, civilizations and peoples is a very important goal that each habitant on earth must have. Learn about different cultures is a important step to respect others, to known them better and to feel solidarity to those who are victims of wrong prejudgement and that’s why I share this campaign which is an idea of a London-based group called Active Change Foundation. This social media campaign made by a group of young british muslims is a call of anger against ISIS and a reject of its ideology and what it represents. I think this is a great idea not only for the courage they had but also for remember the world that not all muslims are terrorists as unfortunately many people think more and more frequently, which is also a sign of raising xenophobia against them. I also like this campaign because shows that there are muslims concerned with human values and with the bad image, the world is having of them. In fact is understandable why there aren’t more campaigns like this one in the muslim world, principally in muslim countries (don’t forget this campaign is from british muslims). I think campaigns like this one help to improve the image of muslims in the world but also is a pacifist way to fight against the unreasonable extremist violence. Finally is also important to muslims, mainly to young generations, to not be influenced by radical teachings and learn to respect no-muslim people. I hope this campaign will be spread the most quickly possible.


2 responses to “#Notinmyname – Muslims against ISIS.

  1. Assalam Alaykum,

    fico imensamente feliz em encontrar uma pessoa que compreende a diversidade humana e consegue, com sensibilidade, traduzir em palavras a Verdade.
    Allah yubarik fik (Deus te abençoe) 🙂


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