Hamas and Nethanyaou government: the worst enemies of peace!

          What is happening in Gaza is a horrible tragedy that can’t and must not be forgotten and is very sad that a so old conflict is still existing, when a peace treaty could already have been done if parts showed some interest on  it. But the worst is that peace nowadays seem impossible because of forces dominating in each side of the barricade that are making everything to not only destroy the peace process but also make reborn hate against the enemy. We arrive in a time where the hope of the Oslo Agreements seems to be vanished and everything must be rebuild. Who have the charge of this situation? Hamas and the Nethanyaou government. Hamas because always refused the peace process and the right of Israel to exist. Hamas in a incomprehensible choice of always be on the side of confrontation, knowing that victory is impossible, is making harder life to Gaza citizens. In this case why Hamas don’t renounce to violence like so many groups in the world already made it (FARC, ETA, IRA)? If Hamas choose the way of no-violence it could win 2 victories: first, more sympathy of the international community as Hamas will see only as victim and not also as aggressor and second it will be more hard for israeli army to justify attacks in Gaza. But Hamas continues to use violence, putting in danger not only the israeli people but also the Gaza people. And I don’t understand how some people can call Hamas a resistant movement as they attack civilian people. But in this Gaza situation the biggest mistake is from Israel. Israel has the right to security but the way that Nethanyaou is taking is the worst way for his own country. But is not astonishing when the israeli government is supported by the far-right wing. They achieved to transform a tiny threatened country by all neighbors to a aggressive  country against the most important neighbor they have in a symbolic way. Now in the eyes of the international community Israel is the aggressor, what being true is forget that Israel is also aggressed and threatened. Nethanyaou is supported by the majority of the israeli people but the internal support is sometimes the worst adviser as Israel is forgetting the external reactions. Also by using extremely and unnecessary violence, Nethanyaou is provoking anger and revolt in the arab world what is the worst that could happen to the peace process. In the end and despite so many violent attacks, we all know that  Hamas will not end so why continue with these terrible violence? So both parts insist in the worst solutions,  that ones that only can bring more violence and war. If things worked fine, both Hamas and israeli government would be judged on war crimes but both have important allies that prevent any measure of justice.
    To finish I would like to bring all two appointments: first, Gaza is being saw as a victim, what is not completely right. Is true that people of Gaza is suffering a lot and is victim of indescribable violence but Hamas is also using violence what is different from situations like Tibet, Apartheid in South Africa or East-Timor. Second I already saw, some people comparing what is happening in Gaza with the Holocaust. Well, I don’t agree. Even the situation in Gaza is unacceptable, is not a methodic way of extermination of a people. What don’t stop me of think that what Israel is doing is a reason to bring the government to international court.


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