Flight MH17: The symbol of a new wall in Europe?

          The malaysian flight MH17 will remain in history as one of the biggest tragedies in aviation history. But it will not remain in memory only because of that but also because is the worst episode of the political crisis between Russia and the Western World, since the end of the Cold War. In  fact everything what is happening after the crash of the plane is like a back in time travel, when ex- Soviet Union tried to hide all activities under the iron curtain. Now there’s no more this symbol of separation and Cold War is finished but no apparently in Putin’s head that is trying to do everything to restore that old superpower and make of Russia again a country with a valuable voice in International Relations. Unfortunately Putin had chosen the way of confrontation, creating instability and threatening the normal course of history. Things have been getting worst since the invasion of Crimea in a evident violation of International Law and now they are in a point extremely tense, that once more remember the Cold War, period where the littlest provocation could take to a conflict. In this case, what have been happening after the criminal action of flight MH17 is a sad sign of disrespect to the families of those whom perished and a total abandon of the true replaced by the terrible hypocrisy  that only cold minds dominated by strategic chess games of power can have. For Putin, nothing is more important than make of Russia again a superpower, even that means to change the real true. Is more than evident that Russia has at least a moral responsibility in the crash of the MH17 and if doubts existed, is possible to see how the russian government and separatists are making everything to give a different version of the story and prevent investigators of doing their job. Things that they would not do if they were innocent. The missile was fired from a region controlled by separatists so it would be very hard that Ukrainians could fired it . Even knowing that, Russia and separatists have been giving their own versions of what happened, always concluding on the culpability of ukrainians. First they said, ukrainians fired the missile because they thought Putin was in the plane, after they said that was not a missile but the plane was attacked by ukrainian air force planes and others theories includes: the ukrainians shot down the plane to provoke a mass murder of russian citizens, the ukrainian air traffic controllers redirected the flight to fly over the war zone and that ukrainian government planed the attack to make public opinion against pro-russian rebels. As it’s easy to see, it’s all theories without any sense that only show the ridiculous attempts of hide what is impossible to hide. But even that more than 80% of russian citizens believe in those theories, what make remember one more time the Cold War, period where people only could saw what the government let it. But now times are a little different and for example Sarah Firth, a correspondent with RT resigned in protest at the obvious misinformation of the channel about the tragedy and the russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published a bold headline in Dutch that read “Vergeef Ons, Nederland” (Forgive us, Netherlands) what show that at least not all russians agree with the government games.
       This tragedy would not happened if the russian government didn’t make everything to divide Ukraine, because this conflict is so ridiculous as unnecessary. Putin has not yet understand that Cold War had finished and he not accept that old territories of the ex-Soviet Union could choose their own way. For him Russia must remains as the strongest influenceable country in that region. And by the way I would not say that Putin is like Hitler but is true that some actions remember the nazi dictator. Hitler invaded Austria and Czech Republic to apparently “protect” german people and interests on those countries. Putin is doing the same with russian people in Ukraine. But protect of what? Was not Ukraine a united and stable country before the arrival of pro-russian rebels? And even that was true about a kind of segregation by the ukrainian government on russian community in Ukraine, was the war the necessary solution to solve that problem? For me was like try to extinguish a fire with oil.
      The only good thing of this tragedy (if it’s possible to title like this) is that finally European Union show a true Union and tenacity over the russian government. Of course people can say that sanctions will not take anywhere but these time they are stronger and what could be the next step? A war? No one want that and Europe is not prepared to fight against russian army. Maybe Europe and US should show more power but this would means a entry in the russian provocative game with some possible bad  consequences. The question is: is Putin searching to destabilize the International Relations and create chaos in Europe or he would take the responsibility of someone that leads a great country with a great influence and for that reason can’t take all decisions as desired? A little country has little influence and so it’s actions have little repercussion but a country like Russia can not take decisions that can provoke a dangerous change in world equilibrium. In the 80’s the US president Ronald Reagan said to Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” about the Berlin wall. I hope that Putin don’t want to raise it again!

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