India: a exotic hell for women!


Photo: Nand Kishor Patak-ATP

      Since my adolescence, I always had a positive image from India as a pacific and exotic country. Pacific because of Gandhi influence and exotic because of is mysteries and cultures in a big mosaic of colors, tastes and life. Giant country full of variety, like all big countries, India is a kind of a little continent where many peoples and many religions live in the same space with more or less difficulty. Apart problems on poverty, the caste system,  ethnic and religious violence, a exaggerated nationalism (weird in Gandhi’s land) and international conflict with Pakistan, I’ve never heard of any other kind of problems that could influence even more on a bad image of the country. Until now, when I see that India is a hell for women. I must say I was totally ignorant of this and so I was and I’m still surprised about all these recent stories on violence against women. In fact, I never imagined that in India such violence could happen and worst, so frequently.  The story of a girl raped and killed in a bus by a group of men or the story of a girl raped and forced to drink acid also by a group of men and the cases of girls raped and hanged are only a little part of a horrific sequence that is being told on mass media in the last months.
     Habitually when there is a story given by mass media that will appeal many people, a few time later others stories of the same kind will be told by journalists always searching for more audience. It also what happened in this case. There are a huge difference between the time before the case of the bus rape and the time after. Since them many other stories appeared. This means that before there were no violence against women in India? No. Only means that the world and India itself wake up for a reality that can’t be denied and must be fought. Even that goes against a kind of mentality based on the exploration of poor people by rich people and of women by men. And this is the positive aspect of mass media, by make people look to something that perhaps some of them wouldn’t like to see as it’s hard for them to accept a so bad image of India. Suddenly the world saw that there’s no gender equality in India and many girls and women are victims of violence in a country that apparently praise for tolerance. But one more time, religious, social and historical influence are big obstacles against real changes on people mentality,  mainly of most conservative people. And thats why,  India is a exotic hell for women.
    Despite this invisible jail that deny freedom for them, I greatly hope that this hell will extinguish once for all and Indian justice and politics will truly fight against this torture that is at same time a shame for their country!


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