Nigeria – The courage and despair that only mothers can feel!

       Has is well known, more than 100 young girls have been kidnaped from a school in Nigeria. A so worrying case like this should already have bring concern and attention all over the world but in fact is not quite like this and mass media  is not talking much about this story. And so these young girls seems to be forgotten, has apparently there’s no great interest in Nigeria and outside it, to know where they are and what is happening to them as to bring them to their families. But they are all daughters. Little daughters that bring help and happiness to their parents. And so they are very worried with what eventually happened to them. Knowing this is not amazing that mothers have protested against the apathy and lack of interest of authorities because only they know what they feel on their hearts and only the strength of a mother is big enough to fight against all adversities in favor of their children. What is amazing but not surprising because of what I already said before, is the fact they have protested in a country where sometimes women are see like second class citizens. This is a evident image of women force and mothers courage that is a example to the world. They didn’t had fear of get out to the streets and be the voices of their daughters, even knowing they can suffer retaliations; not only for extremist groups but also from people that eventually don’t see with good eyes this women independence. By all this, they well deserve to have their daughters back. I’m sure that is this all people want!


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