A pool about rape that is a reason for gender equality fight to increase!

  This astonishing pool was made in 1978 in Los Angeles to 432 adolescents, ages between 14-18. Despite the disappointing answers, it’s important not forgot two things. First, young people is easily convinced and so this answers can be an image of what they saw in their lives and second, has this was made in 1978, maybe that meanwhile, this perception of rape changed. On other side, it’s acceptable to believe that these same kind of answers could be found in some societies at the present time, like some men-centered one as in India or Egypt; what show’s the importance of education and change of mentality. In societies where women are saw as a complement of men and consequently must be prepared for male wishes, rape can be see as all right under some conditions and even women, belonging to the most conservative parts of those societies can justify rape like a punishment against women freedom. An example to this is 42% of female “yes” answers to the question “She gets him excited sexually?”, meaning with this, that if a woman excites a man is well deserved that she be raped. Others negative answers can also lead to the same conclusion, showing that something is very wrong on how some societies can understand the meaning of rape. This sad answers shows that is more and more important and urgent to continue to make campaign for gender equality, even to women and principally to young people!


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