Hasan and Spozhmai: two young heros!


             Is not the first time I write about special children and surely will not be the last. Everyone can be courageous but I think that is more amazing to find such quality in children as we think them as fragile people with no care of the adult world. But as I exemplified before, there are children without fear and with enough dignity to face the adult’s world of ghosts. In this article I will talk about two more children and at same time pay a tribute and make an appeal.
             The first child is a young boy from Pakistan that sacrificed his life by having stopped a suicide bomber of having entered in his school. 17 year’s old Aitzaz Hasan was late to school when he saw a man carrying a bomb going to the same place as him. Without trembling and in a altruist decision he fought against the man, trying to stop him of accomplish his deadly mission. He achieved and he saves people’s school lives. Unfortunately he died during the fight with the terrorist. After that he was praised in all Pakistan for his courage and solidarity on his colleagues and teachers.
            For more reading about this story please visit: “Pakistani boy…entering school.
            Personally I don’t support martyrs. I think is not the best way of defending a cause and so by paying tribute to this young boy I’m not saying that I approve that kind of heroism. I don’t desire that people kill themselves even to save other persons. Only radicals and crazy terrorists do that. But at same time I can’t stop thinking that die for someone else is something that carry so much courage and love for  the life of others. He could run away and save his own life. Instead he decided to sacrifice his future to give a future to them. That’s why he’s a hero.

Aitzaz Hasan (source:BBC)
           The second story came from Afghanistan and his a different kind of hero. This time was not someone that stopped a bomber but was someone that stopped herself of being a suicide bomber. The 10 year’s old afghani girl Spozhmai was eventually forced by her own father and the brother (apparently taliban members) too, to carry a bomb and make herself explode in a police station. But she refused and when she arrived there she was arrested by police officers. Now she is in protective custody and she don’t want to return home as she say that if she do it, her family will force her again to be a suicide bomber. Now she asks for help to the afghan president Hamid Karzai. For more informations about this story you can visit: “Suicide Vest…New Home“.
         Once more, a child is a hero. In this case, this young girl saw the error on her own family and at same time she remarked the dangerous foolish of her possible act. With only 10 years she faced her family, the terrorists and a very conservative and patriarchal society for whom women are still saw as inferior to men and so don’t have right to express their opinions and be against established order. If is hard to be a woman in these societies more hard will be for a little girl, of who is much more hard to have voice listened. That’s why she’s a hero. 
         I really hope that she will be saved and have a normal life without fear. I appeal to president Hamid Karzai, to afghan authorities and to all those in world that can help, to do something for her!
Spozhmai (AFP)


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