Hoda and Arafet – love defying deportation.

    What is love? The common sense says it’s a personal feeling and so it’s independent of external motivations. Love is like a magical touch or it can be also a long knowledge between two human beings. Is a natural thing that must not be forced. If it is, is not love. I’m writing this because of a story that is becoming very popular in Yemen and has provoked already a solidarity movement. This story is known as “Romeo and Juliet of modern times.”
    As people know, there still are many conservatives issues on the arab society and these issues happens a lot inside family. They also are, in the most part of the time, a kind of prison or punishment because there’s no freedom to choose their own path. So, someone who tries to live according his/her own desires, it will discover a great disappointment under the weight of tradition. Sometimes, those attempts to escape it, finish in tragedies as we know because of the honor killings. And this is way Hoda fears to return her country. Hoda is a young saudi girl that one day crossed illegally the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen to escape a forced marriage and join her yemenite lover called Arafet. But because of this she risks deportation and she’s afraid that she will be punished by her family. Surprisingly many people in Yemen is supporting her and are making campaigns against her deportation. Between then the nobel peace prize Tawakkul Karman.
     What Hoda and Arafet wants is only a natural thing, so natural as live or breath: love and the right to choose who they love.
      And love is the key word. More and more there are people defying tradition because of love. New generations are coming with new ideas and one day it will be no more Hodas and Arafets because love will be seen, finally as a natural behavior and not a sin that must be punished.
     I sincerely hope that Hoda will not be deported and will stay in Yemen with Arafet.
     Leaders of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, please let them live their own lifes, Hodas’s family, please let her love who she loves.

For more informations: “Hoda and Arafet, the love story that has captivated Yemen.


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