JFK – 50 years after his death, still a historical icon!


     All my life, I always heard about John F. Kennedy as a myth. When I was a child, my parents usually, used to talk about his charisma, his qualities as a leader and above all that day where hope, abruptly ended in Dallas. Like many other people, my parents also have been frapped by the horrible images of the  33° US president assassination and those images were so strong, that after 50 years later they still continue to be strongly present in society what means that is one of those historical dates that was never forgotten and it will never be. So, since my childhood, I’ve placed John F. Kennedy as one of my models and inspiration for my life. After, with time I discovered some things that made me change a little my opinion about him. I continued to admire him but I saw that he was only human. I discovered that his presidential term was not perfect like his speeches and as many others political leaders he had bad moments like the pigs bay invasion or the increasingly participation on vietnam war. But the three years where he was president also got good things like a bigger interest of him on civil rights, (those were also the times of Martin Luther King Jr.), or his tenacity on the cuban missile crisis when he refused to withdrawn against soviet threats. But the main reason that made of him a icon on history was the new image of hope that he gave to the US and the world. He was a leader before time and his vision of the world would be very useful for our actual time. Like many other  leaders, he saw beyond his time and his words arrived to the next generations because they meant the peace that people wanted and still wants. That’s why his assassination was so shocking. Not only because of the extreme violence of the murder, (only more recently and with new technologies I saw his head blow of on the Zapruder Movie), but also because of the impact it had on people that suddenly lost a guide to future times and generations. And that’s why, he is still remembered today, despite his failures and the controversies where he was involved.

Video of the Kennedy assassination. (Attention: shocking images. Viewer description advised.)

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