Attack on Kenya: unite against terrorism!


     At the time I’m writing this, the siege at the Mall in Nairobi, Kenya is not finished yet, but I decided to write about it because of this photo. For me a very symbolic and amazing photo. One of those that will be in history. The scene show 3 persons of different origins running away after the attack in the Kenya’s capital. Why I considerer it to be symbolic? Here we have a muslim woman, another from asiatic origin and an african man. All them just suffered a terrorist attack together with hundreds of others persons of different origins, religions and nationalities. So, what this is showing? First of all the solidarity between people of different parts of the world. After one so violent attack, the only solution is unite and help each other. And this take us to the second thing. For the terrorists all people are potential victims. Each one can be a target.  So, terrorism is a world problem, is something that must be fight with the union of all countries, principally those where are terrorist groups. The problem is there are different directions on fighting terrorism, on opinions about terrorists (there’s people that call them heroes) and while continue this division, attacks will go on. In this last hours we had this attack in Kenya, another terrorist attack in Iraq and a suicidal bomb attack in Pakistan. Too much violence and too much victims to accept the inertia of governments and the blindness of some people.


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