A few thoughts about the actuality on Syria war.

    Here I write my thoughts about the last news and decisions on Syria War. As we all know it’s very probable that the US will lead a military attack against Syria together with some allies like GB and France. The reason for this is that the regime of Bashar Al-Assad supposedly used chimical weapons against people, so it seems that US and allies will support the rebels against the syrian president. Well this it seems so weird to me that is very hard to understand. Why? Because the majority of rebels groups are supported by islamists and Al-Qaeda. So US will support his worst enemy? Those who know me, knows that I’m a Obama supporter and I think that from all the US presidents I knew (since Reagan) he is the best together with Clinton, but to make mistakes is human and Obama is human. Another thing  that is very well known is that the great weakness of Obama is in the foreigner politics and now he seems to show it. Maybe also badly advised principally by military rulers. The decision of authorize a unilateral attack on Syria it seems a bad idea, even I don’t believe in a possible chaos in the region.
    But maybe a invasion of Syria wouldn’t  be a bad decision if had the green light of UN and with the participation of many countries in a large consensus, including US, Russia, China and the arab countries. Why? Well if there’s  a war where the sentence “In the war there’s no good sides or bad sides.” has a reason to be is that one. Like I said in another article there’s no innocents because both parts have their hands with blood. Whoever will win the war, syrian people will suffer always. The only chance to end with this, maybe could be a military intervention to restraint both parts to negotiate. But in this world of geopolitics made of politics and economy it would be very naif to believe in something like this. Maybe it could be possible if for example US and Russia were in in accordance, but the Syria war seems to be a back in time to the cold war. Both countries defends their interests although for wrong reasons. Unfortunately more than human rights or humanitarian reasons, are the economical and financial reasons that are behind military decisions and US is not the only responsible.
   Others thoughts about this war: Is more than visible that there’s a war in Syria and no one can deny it. So something must be done. Many people looks to US but in my opinion the main guilty of this actual situation is Russia and his president. I always said that if the russian president were Gobarchev or other like him, things would not continue like this in Syria. This conflict is one of the worst of the last years and even I don’t agree on a military intervention because of the meaning of this one, I’m not completely against it if supported by UN. But of course Russia will never agree with such decision. So it seems to me that many of those who talk and write about this war see only one side and are not impartially. This is a big mistake because as I said before both parts are responsible on crime wars. Few are those that see the real consequences of the war and are more interested in attack US or Russia influenced by the political ideas they support. Meanwhile syrian people is loosing their future. One day this war will end and the world will see the real horror and waist of time because world rulers are guided by selfish interests!


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