Turkey: Is this democracy Mr. Erdogan?


     In these days we are seeing on mass media and social network, protests and what it can be the beginning of a revolution in Turkey. It’s still early to know but some people call it already a turkish spring. In every case, what is happening there is the result of ten years of islamist power, even Mr. Erdogan says it is a moderate islamism. Since the arriving to power of Mr. Erdogan is quit easy to see a islamization of society, that is having be made on a slow way to not alarm people. This is how someone try to introduce his ideas and power using a democratic system. Mr. Erdogan is not the only case, in the world, of a politician that destroys democracy by inside to replace by a dictatorship. The modern authoritarian political systems born almost every time not by violence but by slow and poisoning persuasion. But if Mr. Erdogan thought that turkish people were sleeping, he was and is wrong. Turkey is, since Kemal Ataturk government, a laic country and so is not quite equal as others arab countries. Is more a bridge between Europe and the muslim world, gathering islam and democracy, even with some failures. But turkish people was used to live like these for many years and that’s why they are now protesting against this slow islamization of the country. The protest against the construction of a shop mall at the Gezy Park was only a pretext for bigger reasons, as people feel their rights running away and that’s why they are fighting. And if we look at police and Mr. Erdogan reactions, we must agree with people. That are reactions of a authoritarian regime that don’t accept democracy and even worst provoke it. Sentences like ” There will be not a spring in Turkey” or the arrogant way on how he told to crowd to abandon the park, shows that his definition of democracy is not the good one, except if done by him. That’s why I think turkish protesters must be supported and Europe must support them. Stand for democracy and liberty is one of my ideals and I will continue to do it. I also must condemn police violence against protesters. Is this democracy Mr. Erdogan?


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