Lesbian and gay rights in the world – May 2013.

    Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. As you see in this map, many  countries, continue to not recognize the rights of lesbian and gays and to persecute them. All this is provoked mainly by a combination of conservative societies and religion as they don’t accept all things that can be see as a deviation of a literal and extremist interpretation of the sacred books. So for them, couples of same sex are not natural. This refuse in accept what is different (but at same time equal) is the cause sometimes of extreme behaviors, conducting many times to unacceptable violence as happens in Russia or some muslims countries. Gays and lesbians are victims of blindness and hate without reason. That’s why there are this international day. To call attention for this kind of violence. Because  to choose must be a free option and not conditioned by society.


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