Images of hope between palestinians and israelis!

     The following short-video show’s many examples of co-existence between palestinians and israelis in the Middle-East. Why I share it? Because as it’s said in his title “Why do we focus on the negative stories about Israelis and palestinians?”, and that’s a very important question. In fact, the conflict is still there for great despair of people living in, but in the middle of violence, terrorism, war and hate, there are people from both peoples working and living together and that is much more beautiful and valuable than the sad and useless images that we usually see on television or others mass medias. A video like this is so important to peace as many political reunions between countries leaders or peace negotiations supported by very important world powers. These images are hope and while there’s hope, peace is always possible!


2 responses to “Images of hope between palestinians and israelis!

  1. Salam Shalom!

    Great! Palestinians and jews together and in peace in Tel Aviv.
    The global midia should respect more the people who love peace and life.
    Congratulations, Bruno, for the peaceful heart inside you.

    P.S; Thanks for adding me on Google+, I´m trying to write there. Do you enjoy Google+?


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