An angel trapped in the hell of bullying!


Canadian teen commits suicide after alleged rape, bullying

     Another sad story of bullying in Canada. Another teenager with a promising life destroyed by the selfish irrationality of others teenagers for whom life is a horrible joke without responsibility. Acts with a evil pleasure without think on consequences. But her life was also destroyed by a week justice for whom a photo of the rape she suffered is not enough as evidence. What kind of world is this where future generations are being absorbed by a society build on violence, no respect, no honor and where everything seems that can be exposed? What kind of teenagers are these, that have no scrupulous in destroy a family, in kill her daughter? Yes, because she committed suicide but in reality she was murdered by their acts. And why the society act as nothing happened? Why she was accomplice of her death? What is happening? Are we loosing humanity? Wake up! Next time it can be your daughter or your son. And this is not only for canadian people but for people of all world because bullying must be fight in all countries.

facebook page dedicated to Rehtaeh, please visit it and let a message of respect, tribute, mourning to her family but also solidarity because I’m sure they need now more than never. Thank you!


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