Lal Bibi and Asia Bibi.

       I’ve had wrote about these two women, many time ago. Today, I write again, to tell their situation, even  knowing that for one of them, I will tell nothing new because it’s an old information that very  probably, many people already know. In fact, I should have seen more early but I only saw today an article of November 7th 2012 that tells four afghan policeman accused of rape Lal Bibi were sentenced to 16 years in prison, each one of them*. Justice was made, and why? Because Lal Bibi and her parents  did a very rare thing in Afghanistan. Instead of commit suicide or be killed by her family by a question of “honor”, she, with the help of her parents,  reported her rape to the police, breaking a stupid mentality.  The only thing I fear, is possible negative reactions from people, knowing that people’s mentality of that part of the world is, many times, so oppressive on women. But I hope nothing happened or will happen to her or her family and I also hope that she will be only the first of many courageous afghans women.
      The case of Asia Bibi is different. Since 2009 she lives in prison for a case of blasphemy in Pakistan. A case that is so ridiculous as frugal. She, christian, was accused by some muslin women of drink water from the same cup used by them. How a so simple thing can provoke so great anger? Only blindness and radicalism explain things like this one.  She was sentenced to death (Middle Age times) by hanging in November 2010 and since them she pass her times jailed. Meanwhile some things happened concerning her case. A possible presidential pardon was referenced but the local Iman threatened that people could make justice by his hands. Another problem is that she has no lawyer to defend her because no pakistan lawyer want to do it, with fear of revenge and her family as no money to pay one. The only way is to appeal for a foreigner lawyer that accept her case. But knowing that at least two pakistan politicians were murdered, because they pledged on her favor and talked against the blasphemy law; it’s maybe hard to believe that someone will accept her case. Meanwhile, her family still believes in a miracle and is waiting for her. She lives presently, under darkness only because a cup of water. Let’s hope and believe on her freedom and also on a change of mentalities, where each person can practice the religion he or she wants.

The husband and daughter of Asia Bibi (photo: Rubén Mondelo/La Razon)


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