Mexico: no one asked for this violence!

        The following short video show’s how USA has an important role on mexican drug war by arming both sides (government and cartels). It show also how the NRA can be a source of violence not only at home but also in Mexico and finally show a very little part of that violence, of which the story of Elizabeth Macias Castro (see photos) it’s only an example. 
        The violence in Mexico because of drug achieved absurd levels and transformed a touristic and welcoming country in a place of war and insecurity. See how Acapulco changed in all these years is a good sight of that transformation. Some people defend the legalization of drugs which, in their opinion, will end the revenue of the cartels. Others think that mexican army is not efficiently equipped and for others the main cause of this war is corruption present in all levels of mexican society. So legalization of drugs, more and better equipment to mexican army and more fight against corruption are some ideas to end with drugs war. In fact all these factors are part of the solution and if only one it’s made, the problems will not finish; and while this continue, people will always suffer the effects of a war of which they are not guilty. 

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