Honor killing in India. (+18 shocking image)

It happened in India in June 2012. A father hindu called Augad Singh (in the photo below) beheaded her 19 years old daughter only identified as Mina K. to restore honor family after knowing she was cheating her husband. He confessed the crime and how many years he caught in sentence? ONLY 10 YEARS!!!!
I’m against death penalty, even in brutal crimes like this but this is ridiculous. Honor killings are one of the worst evidences of sick mentality and it already should have be banned at long time ago. But in societies where fear and ignorance feed the people and where authorities do very little or nothing to change these kind of behaviors, it’s like to talking with a wall. But those whom believe in human rights must continue to fight until these wall go down, forever. How it’s possible that people kill their daughters as you see in the photo above?


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