To Die in Jerusalem (2007)

              On one side Rachel Levy, 17 years old, israeli victim of suicidal bomb attack, on the other side Ayat al-Akhras, 17 years old, palestinian female suicide bomber that blew herself up at the entrance of Kiryat HaYovel’s main supermarket killing 2 people including Rachel. This is the story of her mother’s meeting.
              Even I don’t agree with all in this movie, I share it because it show the absurdity of violence that make a girl destroys her life for nothing and show that both parts are victims of this long conflict and no one will win while this separation politics  continue. To support only one of the parts it’s to contribute to the prolongation of the war. The world must see them as unseparated (what affect one, will affect the other) and not as separated parts. Mothers like these 2, have already suffered to much.

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