Closing borders, opening hearts!

Israel and palestinian textbooks omit borders“-The Guardian

    After reading the article above, I remembered the Pythagoras quote: “Educate the children and it won’t be necessary to punish the men.” And why? Because, the study that is the subject of it, show’s well how a pernicious education can influence the future of a people and contribute for a prolongation of a conflict that could be stopped, if both societies could show some interest in it. Not everything is bad in this study on how palestinians and Israelis textbooks talk about the other side. For example, it says that no part demonize the other part, which means that not everything is lost in a possible peace between both parts. But of course, by not recognizing and omitting borders, both educational systems contribute for a egoist side of the history, without searching to know the other part ideas. This closure of societies on themselves, instead of contribute for a more openly change of different visions about the conflict and all what is connected with the region, is, sadly, an important factor to the prolongation of the instability on that part of the world.
    Normally, the behavior that we have at adult age, depends very much from what we learned at home, at school, with friends, etc. Knowing this, it’s easy to see that if many adults in Israel and Palestine didn’t saw and consenquently didn’t learned to recognize the other country in a map, it would be a dilemma to them, to search peace with a identity that at their eyes is invisible. Where is the hope? As I said before, at least both textbooks from each educational system, don’t treat the other as enemies, and so,  even they don’t see borders, they don’t enter in a spiral of hate, which is something important to achieve peace between peoples. Whoever they are. And, in the end, maybe this is more important than simple borders, because, the early they change experiences and stories they will discover that…


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