Is Israel forgetting his past?

  Birth control shots were forced on Ethiopian immigrants to Israel

     The news above, show the disappointing human nature. Unfortunately, the collective memory is short and also the psychological nature of men. Sometimes people doubt and make the wrong questions    about the others. What make racism is fear and ignorance and ignorance is even bigger if those that use racial politics already suffered from them. That’s why human nature is sometimes hard to understand. Perhaps there’s no explanation or is scientific and in the future it will be discovered the gene of racism and it will be destroyed. I know it seems a utopia but why not dream and have hope to fight the absurd of news like this one?
     Israel that was born from the ashes of the holocaust, it seems to forget that past and nowadays use politics that remind these dark times, even that, it can’t be compared both moments. What is happening in Israel actually is not a holocaust but is surely a apartheid. And in both there are the same ideal of racism, of not accept the difference, of see the others as inferiors. The wall that separates from Palestine, the colons settlements and now this birth control: what Israel learned with the holocaust? Is it only a pretext, that is used to show how jewish people suffered, to those that criticize some Israel politics and are accused of anti-semitism? Well, is true that anti-semitism exists but is also true that not all critics are anti-semitism, but anti-apartheid. But for the far-right israeli government is hard to accept this. They are destroying roads for peace in the region and giving more power and encouragement to extremist enemies with this continues provocation full of egoism that is not good for the stability of the region. In fact, the human nature is real weird!


4 thoughts on “Is Israel forgetting his past?

  1. Salam, Shalom, Paz!

    Interessante notar que “Salam” e Shalom” são tão semelhantes, cujas raízes são tão iguais. O tempo passa, as pessoas não aprendem com os erros. E o que nos resta fazer?
    Talvez ter esperança e coragem…Esperança para não ter medo de sonhar e coragem para não temer realizar o que precisa ser transformado.

    E muito obrigada pelo incentivo à escrita, através de seus comentários e apoio ao blog. Eis que ESCREVER é um ato libertário!

    Merci pour tout!!! Shukran!


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