Make it together: education against rape!

Latin American Herald Tribune – Pakistani 9-Year-Old in Critical Condition After Rape

    After the horrible rape story of the indian girl in the bus, now another story, this time in Pakistan. Two countries that share between then a lot of things including a sad and long story of violence against women. And what explain this? Only ignorance, the existence of cultural traditions that are a shame for any democratic modern society, radical and wrong interpretation of religion and many lack of education. In these highly paternalist societies it’s very hard to change mentalities and show that women are equal to men and not inferior. The way how women are treated, depends very much on the legacy received from years and years of wrong and misunderstanding interpretations and even some people begin to considerer that things must change, this will still take, probably many years because there will be always those that will always considerer women as inferior being. For us, western society, is completely normal that men and women are equals and should be treated like that but not all world think in the same way. By the way, there are also in our society people that have a sad philosophy about women. What they have in common? Low level of education. The majority of these anti-equality gender people comes from poverty where there’s no money to take children to school and what they learn is many times from tradition and religion. A humanist education is the only solution,  but above all the courage to do it. Unfortunately was necessary a horrible rape suffered by a young indian student girl to wake up India, but before her hundreds of girls have suffered sexual violence and still suffer. I only hope that her story together with the pakistani girl story can be used to approach India and Pakistan in an educational fight against that kind of violence and change that unbelievable  pre-historic vision on women.


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