Bus rape case in India: why death penalty?

      One of the principal reactions on the bus rape case in India was the demanding of death penalty against the rapists. In fact the story was so amazingly violent and inhuman that for many people, this is the only justice that can be done against people without feelings like those that raped and killed that young girl in a so brutal way. But is sad that people react like this. If the rape was a tragedy that surpasses all human comprehension is not reason to think emotionally and demand a revenge that can make disappear some rapists but not the problem. And for me is more important to end, once for all, this tragedy of violence against women instead of see some people die in a kind of fake justice. because death penalty is never justice but only revenge and pleasure for those that demand it. If people think that  death penalty will finish rapes in India, they think wrong. Is society that should be changed and in a true democratic society death penalty must be condemned in a strongly way as rape is. For me the rapists should be condemned to long life prison sentence. At prison they would be obliged to look each day, photos of the girl raped and killed by them, they would be work to help raped women and they would receive education on the meaning of women in society and in our life. So, it would be a life in prison always with punishment and treatment at same time and even they would finish their life times in prison maybe at the end they would be regretful and talk against rape as a way of example to be followed by others possible rapists. I think this would be more positive than a death penalty that not brings nothing good to the improvement of the society.


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