Damini: A new light in the sky!

    And the darkness descended at India. The dark shadow of violence, disrespect, intolerance, blindness and hate. India, the country known by is very own exotic culture and a mind association to no-violence,  is crossing now the innocent look of a young girl that faced the unknown but very real India in the evil eyes of those that took of, her life in the bus of shame.


   A young girl that became the symbol of anger, sadness, incomprehension, revolt, unity against the absurdity of sexual violence and lack of justice. Damini (one of the pseudonym by which she was known) paid with her life, the sins of a India that lives behind the walls of retarded mentality and invisible justice. She became also a light in tribute to all those victims of rape that felt in the fear and stigma of carry in their memories the shame of being touched in so hideous way. The fear of being misunderstood by family and friends and the stigma of have suffered something that is badly saw in society, even that guilty is never responsibility of women. But what that matters? Even there are more women than men in the world, in many parts of it, this unbelievable religious-ignorant-macho-influenced society continues to dominate in a illogical explanation that only serve the purpose of those that see women only as object. But this time, India stop to discover her new face. The face of hundreds of girls that have hide the stories of rape or still do it.

     All India gone to streets to protest against lack of security for women but also in a unconscious demand of forgiveness as Damini rape’s defied them to look inside and see a sick society where justice is not so fair as it should be and serious things happens without no one pay attention. How many have died before Damini? How many felt in disgrace or humiliation because they never had a helpfull hand that could bring them a little hope? Now indian people finally start to see the consequences of a poor mentality that treats women as inferior. Will this be enough to change the face of the country? Will this be the start of a new beginning to women of India and will India be finally the real country of no-violence and equality? Let’s hope yes will be the answer but for that is necessary all women in any part of the world fight, for the sacrifice of Damini don’t fall in vain. 
PS: I and MOESCOR we like to pay tribute, to family and friends of Damini and also all indian people that share the pain of lost  soemone. RIP!



2 responses to “Damini: A new light in the sky!

  1. Congratulations to the text and message.

    I wrote a poem about a girl with a henna tattoo. Maybe this girl can be the one who died…

    Well, have a good sunday and happy new year!


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