Egypt: No place for tolerance?

       The result of the egyptian referendum about the new constitution is one the biggest disillusions I had this last days. Well is this the end of the arab spring? Is this the end of illusions? In history of mankind some revolutions resulted in democracy, others in tyranny and disrespect of human rights. The arab spring seems to be the victory of radicals, islamists and a return to the dark times. If in Mubarak Era, Egypt was a dictartoship, at least women had rights but now with the new constitution  they and religious minorities are in danger of lost it. Is this evolution? Evolution of what? Of sad ideas that segregate women that are part of our life’s? Of radical religious influence that treat women as a minor thing? Where is democracy there? Is not democracy equal for  all? This constitution is not spring but winter. A very dark winter that covers women like a burka without consent. What will be of egyptian women and of those that belong to religious minorities? Where is the tolerance? Where is harmony? This fake democracy must be fight by peaceful means and I hope egyptian power open their eyes to understand the world don’t exist without women.



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