Rape in the land of Gandhi.

     In the last days, India is being crossed by several street protests in many parts of the country, mainly in New Delhi. All this because of a horrible rape against a girl of 23 years that is still in life’s danger. This time, the indians woke up and invaded by a comprehensible rage, they defied the law forces that are trying to prevent more protests. Is the fight of people and principally women, tired of violence against a supposed democratic society but where inequalities show that India is not a real democracy. Well, India is considered to be the biggest democracy in the world but is not only the organization of elections and the right to vote that define a true democracy. Equality for all is also very important in a democracy, but in India, by tradition and culture, the society is very much divided and so poor people suffers more problems and more difficulties in life, comparing with rich people. One example is that several women are raped in India and the majority are of low class. As members of low classes they are more threatened because they don’t have so many protection and are treated as inferiors. This system, that some people try to abolish, give advantages to high classes but the low ones don’t have the same value, so they are treated in a unequal way. But in a real democracy, this shouldn’t happen as women and men must have the same rights in society. Is this possible in a country so stratified as India? Well the only solution I see pass by a change of mentality and the end of olds ideas that are a counter sense with the definition of democracy. 
    All this protests are the sign, that women don’t want continue to suffer and desire to go out on streets safely. But all this rage and death penalty demands are useless if the protesters don’t see the real  source of the problem. Death penalty will not solve anything because poor women will continue to be the target of possible molesters as they think they have the right to do it and no one will care about them. This story showed a weak democratic India and protests showed a threatening radicalism that normally we don’t associate to the land of Gandhi but it will not be better, start to change the society before society start to destroy itself? 


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