Egypt: Searching for a real democracy!


(Andre Pain/ European Press Photo Agency)

Egypt: The president’s new powers

      And Egypt lives a second revolution? Is that so? Where was gone the “arab spring”? Where is the democracy that so many people, thought to be true, including myself? The illusion of people in the streets, apparently taking the power, about a year ago, made the world believe that, the end of Mubarak’s Era would represent a new life, a new start based on democratic principles with equality, fraternity and liberty. After, analysts, started to talk in a kind of democracy with islamic principles , with the idea that a democracy with western characteristics would be impossible in muslin countries. That was idealized as taking for granted, the special issue of the arab world as inseparable of the muslin religion. But nor a democracy guided by western values nor a democracy with islamic principles, seems to work in Egypt. And why? Because arab countries insist in live in the error of not separate religion from politics. And what is the consequence? One revolution that expelled a military dictator to, very probably, support another one that come from religious branch. And what about democracy and the dreams of many Tahrir square protesters? All this seems to be very hard to achieve in this moment. They feel as they have been stolen and worst, they feel things going back, concerning the basic fundaments of human rights, principally about women. All this is happening because, Egypt is ruled by a islamist party and a islamist party. And I ask: Is religion compatible with politics? I don’t think so. The majority of religions, defends the spread of their doctrines and ideas, using for that the force or more recently, the word of political parties. But democracy is based on equal rights and we all know that islamist parties defend the supremacy of their ideas. That would not be a problem if these ideas would be compatible with democratic principles, but they aren’t. What is happening actually in Egypt, remember me that famous sentence of George Orwell’s Book “Animal Farm “, that is: “We are all equal  but some of us are more equal than others.” The Muslin Brothers are like these because they say to defend equal rights for all, including religious minorities but in reality they want the supremacy of their religion. We also know that religion and politics combined, usually result in dictartoship, war or threatening tension. Examples we have in Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Israel-Palestine, Nigeria, Mali, Myanmar or we already had before in ex-Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Spain, France, Germany, etc. That’s why, religion should and must be of the private matter. Trying to impose a religion or any other thing to other people is a great step for clashes and a possible destruction of a country. The Muslin Brotherhood used the egyptian arab spring to impose their power and now they are changing politics by building a theocratic regime ruled by the Sharia law. Egyptian president, on one hand is using a moderate speech but on other hand is slowly imposing a dictatorial power that make Egypt go back to Mubarak’s time. The new constitution is confirming that and things seems to be hard to those who demand a real democracy in Egypt. Unfortunately, egyptian politics are not only influenced by internal matters but also by external ones. That’s why maybe the separation between religion and State, can’t be enough to build a real democracy in Egypt. The Middle East and arab world in general seems to be more and more the place of a new cold war, replacing Europe. Meanwhile, egyptian people is living hard times and I really doubt they control their own destiny. What Egypt  and all arab world needs is a french revolution to change almost everything,  without forget that the arab world is not the western world. A real democracy in Egypt can be real but not with muslin brotherhood in power.                                        


One response to “Egypt: Searching for a real democracy!

  1. Salam,

    realmente, agora é que as coisas começarão a ficar como um vulcão.
    Esperança e coragem para uma renovação positiva no meu amado Egito.

    PS: o que achou do novo background de meu blog?

    Tenha uma semana abençoada!


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