My comments on the "The France 24 Debate" (September-November/2012)

    After I published my first comments on the french version of this debate (see: Mes interventions sur le débat de France 24 (Novembre/2010-Janvier/2011)) I decided to make the same now, about my comments on the english version of the same show, and I hope not to stop here 🙂 .

Theme: Freedom of speech or fueling hatred? 
Date: September 20, 2012
Theme: Libya put to the test
Date: September 26, 2012
Theme: End of the death penalty?
Date: October 11, 2012

Theme: Too much or not enough? French president acknowledges 1961 massacre of Algerians
Date: October 19th, 2012

Theme: The final countdown
Date: October 25, 2012

Theme: Will a re-elected Obama be emboldened?
Date: November, 8th 2012

Theme: Israel-Gaza: Who will stop the violence?
Date: November, 19th 2012


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