An open letter to the Prime Minister of Israel.


    Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

    I know that probably you will not read this letter, as I’m a simple citizen of the world without influence or power; but I write it because also and again as citizen, I feel that I must do it, as a peace believer. So, even I’m a little pessimistic, I hope, the Mr. Prime Minister will read it.
    Since always, I believe that is possible peace in the Middle-East, even when things seems not to be in the right direction. Sometimes, peace look’s to be near and others is very faraway, sometimes the rest of the world believe that palestinians and israelis are almost close from a agreement but in other times, the hands shake is only a dream. They have been gone many years since the start of this conflict and I think  that many people ask themselves if it will finish someday. I’m not so pessimistic. I like to believe that one day all this will end and finally both peoples will live in peace. But to arrive on this terms, is important not to feed hate and feelings of revenge. While both parts continue to provoke the other one by words and militarily, the only answer that it will most probably receive is the same kind of reaction with all the consequences that will come from it. Saying this and knowing that the conflict is already very old, I must say that despite my optimism on peace, I fear that the prolongation of it, will bring also a prolongation of hate and more difficulty to make peace. That’s why I can’t understand this attacks on Gaza. Every country as the right to defend itself but it’s necessary to make this so strong attacks, where innocent people die? What Israel win with this kind of war, if not only, more and more enemies? It’s possible to believe in peace when both contenders talk about war?
    I believe that Israel and Palestine have both right to existence but is not me and the rest of the world that need to believe on this, but palestinians and israelis. I think the most important is that Israel convince Palestine that is possible, both States coexist together and vice-versa. But for this be real is necessary to stop any military operation. So, even knowing that probably I will not be heard, I will like to make an appeal, on my own name, but I think that is also on the name of many persons that believe in peace, to the Israeli army and government to end with the attacks on Gaza. In  name of peace, in  name of death innocents, in  name of a future for palestinians and israelis children. Please, make that people can believe in peace, not in war; that people can be hopeful on a happy and quickly end. Gaza habitants are strong and courageous and they must have solidarity and bridges, not war and walls.
    Please, Mr. Prime Minister stop these attacks and restart the peace process!

In my personal name and in the name of peace believers, I sincerely thank you, because I know you will not disappoint us.


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