An open letter to Hamas.

    To leaders and all members of The Islamic Resistance Movement

      My name is Bruno Santos Ribeiro and as citizen of the world I decided myself to write this letter, that I hope it will be read it.
    I will like to start with sending my condolences to Hamas, families and all palestinians for all the victims of this actual Israel attack, above all children.
    Unfortunately, the Middle -East problem is taking so long time to end, that there’s always the risk of, in a next days or in a further future, the number of victims increase and violence become so usual that the next generations will never know of a time where all people could live in peace, in this region. Many people are pessimistic and don’t believe in any peace process. Myself, sometimes, I’m almost convinced of the same, but I prefer to believe that is still possible an agreement to end once for all with this crisis. Maybe not know, maybe not in the following days or weeks, but I think that all this will end and must end one day. Many people have already died from both parts, and all this deaths should have been saw as a point of departure for a reflexion on the consequences of this war. What’s the issue of so many innocent victims, if no part achieve what they want? What’s the necessity of continue with a war that only solution is peace and never the victory of one of the parts? Peace is sometimes a sacrifice, because both parts must give up of some requests they defend, but is not better a way for peace than a disastrous way for war, that the only consequence is the raise of problems to the great people of Palestine?
     I must say I don’t agree with Hamas ideas as for the Israel problem because I think Israel as the right to exist as for Palestine, but I recognize the role of the organization on Gaza strip and the palestinian government with OLP and Hamas. For all this, I think the organization must and can have a main role on the peace process. So I will like to demand only one thing: don’t answer israeli attacks with violence or some kind of answer that could provoke a reaction of the same kind. Peace will never arrive with this unstoppable cause-effect reaction. I believe that are space for both palestinians and israelis but for this, the contenders must stop fight each other and think on peace talks where it will be present the palestinian government and the one of Israel. Make world believe that peace is possible and give your selfs a future for israeli children as Israel must stop attacks and give a future to the palestinian children.
     People who read this letter, maybe will call me naive. I don’t mind. Peace is a hard road and all those who believes in it, should fight for! That’s what I’m doing. Maybe I will not have an answer but I’m conscious that I made my part, only a little one, but for me very important.

        Please, in name of a so long waited peace, accept my salutations
        Bruno Santos Ribeiro


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