Please get well soon, Malala!

            Look the way, how she would treat with the talibans, despite the threats she received. Maybe she is naive, but at same time I can’t stop thinking on this video as a perfect example of pacifism. She is only 14 and at her age, is easy to believe in miracles but I’m not like this and I don’t think it’s possible talk with talibans on a simple way. To make them forget their thoughts and believes it would be necessary many and many years and patience. That’s why the world needs people like her. To make us believe in hope, even in the worst conditions and to make us enter in action because if a young girl like her, had the courage, why we wouldn’t have it?  All Pakistan and all peace lovers of the world are watching you, Malala Yousufzai, and demanding for a complete and quickly recovery.
            Please come back quickly and please forgive me, of being so ignorant of you and your extraordinary work!

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